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The British Elastic Rope Sports Association (BERSA) was founded by enthusiasts involved in Bungee Jumping since the early 1980’s, and exists to promote safety by regulation of the sport in Great Britain. It is responsible for ensuring the highest standards of safety are maintained at certified Clubs, and for training and licensing their staff. Furthermore, because BERSA is a non-profit making body, it is able to act as a centre of expertise, encouraging an on-going program of research and development of the sport

What is the Code of Safe Practice?

Founder Members of BERSA have worked in consultation with the U.K. Government’s Health and Safety Executive, and an independent advisor from the Safety and Reliability Division of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority who has an interest in risk entertainments, to produce the BERSA Code of Safe Practice. The Code provides a comprehensive safety system for the conduct of Bungee Jumping by which BERSA certified Clubs operate.

Is Bungee Jumping Safe?

There is no doubt that leaping from a platform in excess of 150 feet above the ground is potentially dangerous… In term of safety, Bungee Jumping is like most exciting sports; it is dangerous if you do it wrong. BERSA exists to ensure that certified Clubs do it right, in order to reduce the risks as far as is possible.

Why Bungee Jump with a BERSA certified Club?

A current BERSA Licence to Operate is the only assurance that staff and equipment are independently assessed as being competent, that comprehensive safety procedures are in operation at all times, and that the Club is subject to unannounced inspection by specially trained Safety Officers, to ensure the high safety standards are maintained at all times.