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Different Styles of Bungee Jump

Bungee jumping is thrilling in itself but some individuals decide to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with a great height and a bungee rope! Some of the team at are very experienced stunt jumpers and lead the country in pioneering stunt jumps. Please note that all stunts undertaken by our stunt jumpers are at the individual jumpers discretion and are only permitted by due to their vast experience in bungee jumping. We do not endorse these types of stunts and members of the public would under no circumstances be allowed to try these stunts!


Sandbagging involves a jumper leaping with an added weight, a sandbag, and releasing the bag at the bottom of the jump. The added weight going down loads the rope with a lot of extra elastic energy and so when the weight is released the jumper flies back up a lot higher and faster than they normally would. This usually means narrowly missing the jumping platform if you are lucky!
This jump is also down using another person as the sandbag and is usually only done over water. Only one jumper is connected to the rope and holds on to the other jumper (the sandbag) at the bottom the jumper lets go of the other person who lands in the water. This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!

Top of the Cage

Simply involves being elevated on top of the cage rather than inside of it. The jumper then has to gain balance and leaps from the top of the cage. Extra free-fall time is achieved but the chances of having an accident are very high.

Hanging Time

Involves climbing down the cage and hanging from the underside of the cage from the runners. Hold on for as long as possible and then simply bat-drop straight down. This is harsh on the ankles but looks very tasty!


These can be done from either inside the cage or from the top of the cage. The jumper has to hold the rope clear of himself as there is a danger of being tangled up in the rope as you somersault. Somersaults can be done backwards and can be performed as a tandem jump as well.

Pogo Jumping

Jump from the cage as normal. On the first rebound, grab the rope and hold yourself upright. When you fall for the second time you bounce as though you were on a pogo stick. This type of jump can hurt your ankles and burn your hands.

Jib Jumping

More commonly called suicide practice!! The jumper attaches themselves directly to the crane hook and sits on the jib of the crane when it is all folded in. The jumper then holds on to the jib as the crane extends itself up into the sky. When the crane has fully extended itself, the jumper simply leaps off the top of the jib- if they have been able to hold on for the journey up. This jump is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. But it looks damn impressive!

The Pepsi Max

This involves jumping out of the cage and picking an item off the floor. There is no margin for error with this jump as the jumper is coming to within an inch or two off the ground. The science with this type of jump is very precise!! This jump is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

Water Touch

These are relatively safe and can be done at any time when jumping over water. The jumper leaps from the cage and ends up touching the water with their hands or even deeper if requested!!

If you would like to try any of the above jumps then you need to join our stunt team where you will receive all the training required to perform these stunts. Bear in mind that we still will have expected you to have performed at least 100 previous jumps before enlisting for our stunt team.

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