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Find out costs and other information if your event is located in Northern Ireland.
Find out costs and other information if your event is located in the Republic of Ireland.

How to Book Bungee for your Event

Organising a bungee event is very straightforward. Once an organisation has found a venue to host the bungee jump, contact us with the details, and a desired date for the event. Our team will discuss the proposed venue to assess it’s suitability for bungee jumping.

Once the location has been qualified, our contract details will need to be agreed upon, at this stage, it will be the responsibility of the event organiser to promote the event. will place details of the event on our website and necessary contact information relating to the event.

Contract Details

Due to the high costs of crane hire and traveling, or our partners will not turn up for any event on spec. Instead, we place a contract with the event organiser for a minimum number of guaranteed jumpers. At the current time this stands at 60 jumpers.

This means if less than 60 people jump with us at a given event; the event organiser will be accountable for the shortfall in revenue. The organiser must also pay for each jump over 60. There have been very few events in our history where this has occurred, but we stipulate the contract to safeguard our interest.