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Making your event works is all about one thing, getting committed supporters, the only way to ensure this is by recruiting people prior to the event, do not rely on people turning up on the day of the event, you will be let down! There are three golden rules that go along way to making sure your event is a success.

Get a Payment!

If you can, then we recommend getting full payment from your participants prior to the event. The UK Bungee Club takes full payment at the time of booking for all of the events that it promotes. If you have to take a deposit the more money you get in the first instance the more commitment you will have, £10/€10 is usually the absolute minimum deposit you should take. Payment and deposits from participants not only guarantee you will cover your costs prior to the event but they also weather proof it. Should the good old Irish weather do the unthinkable and rain on the day, then those people who have paid in full or paid a deposit and raised money will still turn up and perform the jump. If you have no financial commitment or it rains on the day then don’t be surprised if nobody turns up, even if they are your best friends, trust us on this fact, we’ve been doing it for 17 years!

Take personal details

Taking phone numbers, postal addresses and e-mail address enables you to follow up participants to see how they are doing with their sponsorship money. It also allows you to keep track of finances, ensuring your costs are covered and you have an idea of the total amount raised prior to the event. By talking to your supporters regularly it also gains you greater commitment, it keeps the jump in the forefront of their minds and keeps them going out and getting more sponsors. It also gives them the chance to ask any questions that they may have.

Provide Clear Information

This should include details of the date and time of their jump, sponsorship targets, deadlines and what they do on the day, Good information means less worries for the jumpers leaving them to get on with the important task of raising sponsorship money.