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There is no doubt that Bungee Jumping can be a very safe or a very dangerous activity and should always be conducted as a controlled activity. In the hands of an ignorant person or company a Bungee cord can be a very dangerous piece of equipment, so a Cord should never be freely available as an “over the counter item’. In operating a Bungee site there is very little grey area between the safe and the dangerous so it is absolutely vital that we explore every avenue to make our operation safe.

To achieve safety it is necessary to recognize the dangers. The technology of Bungee Jumping is now sufficiently advanced to be almost able to say that a “Bungee operation can be operated with total safety” provided that certain procedures are adopted.

The major safety challenge of Bungee Jumping is that we must rely a variable commonly called a “Human Being.” The crew must ensure that all procedures are followed in accordance with the BERSA ‘Code of Safe Practice’. At, we recognize the unreliability of man and have done our best to reduce this human error problem. takes pride in its rigorous quality control and maintenance policies. All crew members are rigorously trained and continually monitored and are required to understand and utilize these policies at all times.

If You are in Doubt?

  • “Our advice is ask your doctor or don’t jump” if you are not in good health you should not jump.
  • If you have any of the following conditions you cannot jump. High Blood Pressure~Heart Condition Suffer from Dizziness, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, Asthma, Neurological Conditions, Diabetes, False Limbs, Glass Eyes.
  • If you suffer from any of the above but have been given a doctors certificate, you will be requested to sign a non standard waiver.
  • If you suffer from any of the following please seek medical advise before you plan to jump — if you have Damage to your Neck, Back, Legs or Eyes.
  • Drugs and Alcohol (please inform us if you are taking any form of medication. Drinking before a jump is permitted but we reserve the right to refuse anyone permission to jump).
  • Alcohol – if you appear intoxicated you cannot jump.
  • No under 14’s
  • 14 & 15 year olds require a parent or guardians permission and signature
  • Over 50’s are required to have a doctors certificate to comply with our insurance regulations
  • Glasses and hard contact lenses cannot be worn.

Mobile Jumping Facts

  • Height – 165 Feet
  • Location – full summer program updated regularly at Venues Nationwide.
  • Cords & Back Up – 8 meter rubber cord, stretched by 3 times plus single static line
  • Cage – Jump cage carries up to 4 people
  • Drop speed – 0 – 60 mph takes 1.9 seconds (on average)
  • G-Force – Jumpers experience 2-g

Safety Point For Jumpers

  • Read the health restrictions board
  • You have to sign a Waiver to comply with insurance
  • You are weighed twice and re-checked twice
  • You have ankle harnesses with a back-up waist harness
  • You can jump in full body harness
  • You can jump over an airbag or water (when available)